All-Academic Selection Criteria

The Criteria for inclusion on this team are:
- Player must be in their Junior or Senior year
- Player must maintain:
   3.7 or better (4.0 scale) for Seniors
   3.7 or better (4.0 scale) for Juniors
- These Standards are accumulative, not just 1st Quarter of this year
- Players must be Varsity rostered.
- Players DO NOT have to be starters however they should be regular contributors in your matches

The Certificates will only be available at the meeting! You must attend the meeting to receive the awards for your players.

2016 Girls Academic All-State

2016 ISCA Girls Academic All-State

Allison Biscocho Andrean
Logan Bosak Andrean
Kelsey Friis Andrean
Rylee Horn Andrean
Elyse Levenda Andrean
Kiera Markham

2016 Boys Academic All-State

2016 ISCA Boys Academic All-State

Eli Erny Anderson
Wes Erny Anderson
Tyler Smithers Anderson
Cade Bosak Andrean
Carson Bosak Andrean
Cole Erickson Andre