Instructions for Nominating Players

To nominate players for All-District, Top Team Player or Academic All-State…

Log In to your ISCA "Household" from the link on the home page...

Step 1.1 – Click Continue

Step 1.2 – Update “Household Information”

Step 1.3 – Click “Register a Participant.”  You as the coach are the participant (remember we are a coaches organization!)

Step 2.1 – Click Your Name!  Do not select “create a new member”

Step 2.2 – Chose the Award from the Dropdown Menu.

*Note – you can only complete the process for each award 1 time*

  You might want to wait until after your all-district meeting to finalize your top team player.  You can not       edit your nominations after submitting.

Step 2.3 – Complete the Information in the Form and Click “Save & Continue”

Step 2.4 – Review Registration and Click “Continue”

*Note – Print this Page as Confirmation*

Step 3.1 – Click “No, Proceed to Next Step”

Step 4.1 – Click “Proceed to Checkout”

Step 4.2 – Click “Submit Order”

Once you have completed “Submit Order” your nomination is all set!  You can view/print receipt and you should also receive a confirmation e-mail.  The confirmation will not have specific player information which is why it is suggested to print at step 2.4.  That said, your registration is complete at this point!